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Health & Wellbeing
open your mind - enjoy outside

Finns are famed for their love of nature and outdoor lifestyles — and Finland is often cited as the happiest place to live on the planet. It’s no coincidence. Studies have shown that spending just 10 minutes outside in a green space improves brain function by up to 50%.

Two former CEOs from Finland set out to find and share solutions to help people most of their minds and bodies: understanding that operating at peak mental performance is a requirement, not a luxury.



Work with the in-house team to define the north star that everyone can get behind and articulate what they’re here to do in a differentiated way. 

Drive credibility, clarity, and distinction as they carry themselves towards being a distinguished leader in the well-being space.

Build awareness and hype around a tribe that encourages feedback loops and  conversations.


Identify opportunities AUKI can uniquely own, by analysing the business, the market, and cultural shifts in the world, helping them stand out against the noise.

Build long-term brand values, including purpose, positioning, and proposition. 

Words are powerful. We developed a distinctive tone of voice and messaging that’s right for the brand, giving them the tools they need to carry the brand forward.

Using insights and research to showcase the brand's expression visually, driving the brand beyond a logo and  some colours. 

Maximise brand experience, creating a presence in a non-visual way through motion, sound, and materiality — leading to more salient memory structures.


  1. stakeholder interviews
  2. Audience & Landscape
  3. Persona development
  4. insights & Positioning
  5. naming
  1. Voice & Messaging
  2. Visual Identity
  3. Motion identity
  4. packaging systems
  5. structural
  1. brand film
  2. key visuals - static & Motion
  3. social media strategy
  4. social media content
  5. brand guardianship


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Open your mind - Enjoy outside

In an increasingly saturated market, AUKI is a future-focused DTC brand that understood the need to differentiate themselves. Positioning themselves as more than just a product - but as an experience.

AUKI sells skincare, but it stands for more. Rooted in mental wellbeing, activity and a healthy balance between work and life. They go beyond the product: delivering an experience that’s as beneficial as their functional purpose.

We wanted to capture this idea in our strategic positioning: ‘Open your mind – Enjoy outside’.

Naturally, the name ‘AUKI’ came from the Finnish translation for 'open'

auki messaging strategy with girl in sun, see ideas in a new light
social media content plan strategy auki with messaging support, take me anywhere, use for everything
the ultra balm key visual showing 2 pack designs with lots of moisturiser dripping for a key visual

control your environment

In DTC, how you show up is more important than shelf standout.

You are the master of your own environment. You have much more control over how the brand is presented visually and verbally.

We unleashed the shackles to maximise a memorable brand experience through messaging and packaging opportunities as well as print and outdoor campaigns, pop-ups, and retail spaces.

step counter digital design
digital device design web ipad and iphone
custom dtc strutural product design

Personalisation in pack design

When shelf stand-out isn’t an issue, we can play and experiment with customised graphics using modern printing techniques. AUKI currently offers 5 colourways with a vast choice of graphic options.

AUKI listens intently to what the community is saying and reacts. Offering new graphics options, collabs — and more — based on what they heard, building a community of dedicated loyalists.

custom product structural design for auki packs with carabiner, turn key and tassle for decoration

Personalisation in structure

Reinforcing the experience side of the brand. We designed accessories that appeal to the TikTtok generation,  looking for ways to better express themselves and make friends and family envious.

foil delivery parcel for DTC packaging
Advetisement 3d key visual showing rock climbing created in cinema 4d
advertisement billboards on  a wall showing 3d art created in c4d
abstract 3d art urban cycling created in cinema4d and redshift

messaging & Storytelling

Beyond selling — and into a proper conversation. AUKI’s messaging goes beyond the product to put more value in to the consumer’s life, aside from serving a functional purpose with clarity and clear CTA’s to convert.

Yes, we craft the messaging cross-platform for a brand that lives in a digital sphere. But what you see is a wellbeing lifestyle brand – not a moisturiser, or a sales pitch. 

AUKI talks directly to specific communities which, crucially, enables AUKI to build emotional connections with their people, leading to loyal advocates.

three digital design showcasing the visual identity, photography and 3d design
three print designs showcasing the brand identity, photography and 3d design
3d key visual and visual identity showcasing the pack design and graphic design
"Muuv Creative has an uncanny energy with so much talent, clear perspective and a spirit that is addictive to be around. No challenge is too big for them, their approach is scientific and oozes with creative flair."
Tomi Kippola - AUKI Founder
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