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Amid the sea of nutricosmetic brands, Sätt emerges as a pioneering entity that recognizes the holistic essence of beauty. Rather than segmenting care, Sätt believes in the duality of wellness; what you put on your body is just as crucial as what you consume.

This philosophy emanates through their latest duo-product: a serum and capsules enriched with the key ingredient - Resveratrol.

Together, they redefine the meaning of comprehensive care, offering enhanced benefits for hair, skin, and nails.



Tasked with a mission to encapsulate the brand's vision, our challenge was to go beyond just naming and design. Sätt aspired to be perceived as the harmoniser between internal nourishment and external beauty.

The goal was clear: create a cohesive brand that speaks to the symbiotic relationship of the products, ensuring the strategy, messaging, and design evoke the spirit of "beauty from within and out."

Furthermore, the brand sought to establish itself as a thought leader in the nutricosmetic industry, ensuring a narrative that was both authentic and captivating.


Diving deep into the essence of the nutricosmetics realm and the transformative power of Resveratrol, we carved a brand strategy that resonated with the brand's core principles.

Our approach led us to the concept of "Tandem Transformation," emphasising the combined efficacy of the serum and capsules. Establishing core brand values around authenticity, harmony, and holistic beauty, we cemented Sätt's position in the market.

Crafting a distinct tone of voice, paired with an evocative visual and motion identity, we ensured that Sätt was more than just a label—it was an experience.

Beyond tangible aesthetics, the brand's expression was magnified with sensory elements, incorporating motion and subtle audio cues, ensuring Sätt left an indelible mark on its audience.


  1. Audience & Landscape
  2. insights & Positioning
  3. naming
  1. Voice & Messaging
  2. Visual Identity
  3. Motion identity
  4. packaging systems
  1. brand film
  2. key visuals - static & Motion
  3. social media content
  4. brand guardianship


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Packaging Design for new Brand - Showcasing the two structures and their cartons
OOH Campaign Image explaining the benefits of the capsules


Understanding the synergy of internal and external care can be intricate. To convey this dual philosophy effortlessly, we embraced a two-font visual identity, each echoing a facet of Sätt's product duo. The fonts individually resonate yet harmoniously align when paired.

Furthermore, the product cartons were crafted with autonomous beauty, but their true essence shines when juxtaposed, presenting a unified visual narrative. This not only communicates Sätt's holistic care principle seamlessly but also engages the consumer in a captivating visual journey. A tangible testament to the brand's 'Together they Thrive' ethos.

Key Visual of the serum shoacasing benefits
Two packs key visual

Brand Film - A MOVING NArrative

In a digital age saturated with fleeting visuals, the challenge lies not just in capturing attention, but retaining it. Static content has its place, but a moving narrative? That's now the gold standard of engagement.

Pitching Sätt's  philosophy through lengthy presentations would be a disservice to its dynamic essence. So, we channeled the brand's holistic story into an evocative film. This wasn't just a showcase; it was an immersive journey through the world of nutricosmetics, Resveratrol, and Sätt's  pioneering approach.

With this cinematic tool, Sätt' doesn’t just inform; it captivates, allowing the brand to focus on fostering connections while the film speaks, enthralls, and converts.

Brand board showcasing how all the elements work together
Serum Key Visual
Billboard Advertisement
Serum Key Visual

brand messaging & storytelling

Amidst a sea of noise, a distinctive voice is paramount. We didn’t just aim for a voice; we sought to craft a narrative. Delving deep into its ethos, we sculpted a messaging framework that told a story – of holistic beauty, of the power of Resveratrol, and of the harmony of internal and external care.

Our storytelling approach was not about mere product promotion; it was a journey, inviting consumers to experience beauty's true duality. By weaving a consistent and compelling narrative, we ensured that Sätt wasn't just another brand in the market but a storyteller that resonates, connects, and remains etched in the minds of its community.

flexible motion identity

In today's fast-paced digital ecosystem, static brand expressions can get lost in the clutter. To ensure Sätt leaves an indelible mark, we ventured beyond static design, harnessing the dynamism of motion identity.

Employing key motion principles, we introduced a distinctive typographic dance: a top-to-bottom falling cascade ushers in the type, complemented by a horizontal shift, and finally, a cascading exit gracefully sweeps the type away. This tandem of choreography, consistent across all media touchpoints, not only captures attention but imprints Sätt's essence in the viewer's memory. A strategic decision to make Sätt not just seen, but remembered.

Guidelines pages
DTC Carton Delivery 01
DTC Carton Delivery 01

packaging design that converts

The initial allure is often not the product itself but its vessel. Recognising this, our design strategy for Sätt was both an art and a science.

We combined the brand's aesthetic ethos with purposeful design choices, enticing consumers from the first glance. Every curve, shade, and texture of the packaging whispered the brand's story, while strategically placed CTAs beckoned a closer look.

This intricate dance of form and function ensures not just a fleeting glance but a definitive pick-up. The packaging is not just a container; it's the silent salesperson ensuring the product finds its rightful place in the consumer's hand.

Cartons laydown, unfolded to showcase tesselation design
Tesselated Carton Key Visual
Key visual showcasing particle of the capules and the benefits
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