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Find, build, and amplify amazing music experiences globally

Launched in 2008, and an upstart in the music PR world, Jukebox lives the life they promote: fast, global, and always seeking something new. They travel, talk, experience everything they can find. Their lifestyle is their business. they’ve worked with over 200 festivals in 50 countries, covering music, lifestyle, food, and built a tribe of 5 million followers.

After being featured in Forbes and the BBC, they’ve established themselves as the #1 Music PR company for international festivals.



Jukebox came to us with an identity that has existed since it’s inception in 2008. Their current identity didn’t reflect their ambitions or their attitude.

How do you take the ‘fuck you, we’re cool’ attitude and instill some humbleness and less arrogance in how they hold themselves.

As the brand continues to grow globally, and they look to new areas of business, they wanted to develop their brand story and develop their toolkit to commincate the new & improved offer, whilst remaining true to their core following.

We were tasked with finding a way to express their unruly, and somewhat ‘organised chaos’ approach with a professional, fun and light hearted identity.


Work with Jukebox to develop the brand and proposition, helping position the business to work with their dream clients.

Help build tools to communicate and sell the Jukebox offer. Increasing company longevity, and business valuation to prospective investors.

Build in long term business values and principles that employess will live by, and clients will desire, driving the business forward in a sustainable, consistent manner.

Jukebox needs a brand identity that amplifies its attitude, and reflects its ambitions.

Drive credibility, authenticity, desirability and trust within the category ensuring Jukebox is the industry leader with a brand to match.


  1. stakeholder interviews
  2. Audience & Landscape
  3. Persona development
  4. insights & Positioning
  1. Voice & Messaging
  2. Visual Identity
  3. Motion identity
  1. Brand guardianship
  2. Website Design
  3. Brand Launch Film
  4. Social media strategy
  5. toolkits & Guidelines


  1. 35% increase in sales
  2. improved brand awareness - 2k increase in followers
  3. 16k brand film views
  4. Attraction of higher value customers / partnerships & sponsorships
  5. Improved recruitment and retention of STAFF
  6. Improved recruitment and retention of target audience
overview of jukebox brand identity including colours, text and photo of Alex Jukes

Design System

In the fast-paced world of Jukebox, pitching from airport runways, and constantly on the go, speed is everything. They needed tools to help them work quicker and more efficiently. 

We built them a system that allowed them to build decks and brand materials —everything they need to maintain a brand appearance whilst working at breakneck speed. 

Showing up consistently across touchpoints builds stronger memory structures, and builds deeper, longer-lasting relationships with their clients.

selection of presentation slides using the grid design system
Collection of custim design stickers for the Jukebox social media strategy

brand personality

Alex still signs every invoice with a personal note, so we wanted to capture that spirit through the scribbles. To fully capture their personality in the brand identity, we expanded the usual brand identity toolkit to include a suite of shareable assets. 

Leaving them with distinct and memorable design assets that can be further expanded on over time without reinventing the brand identity in the next few years. Keeping them super-fresh and relevant.

Jukebox Team Photos
Jukebox Marketing Collateral - zine for music festivals

Messaging strategy

Jukebox is a brand in a very competitive marketplace, and it’s getting busier. What’s worse, everyone sounds the same. 

We worked with Jukebox to find their own brand story, and distinctive voice that helps them cut through the clutter and differentiate them from the competition.

We used this brand story to develop a messaging strategy that hits hard & hits fast, with maximum impact. From the website to social media, and everything in between. Delivering the messages that matter most to their clients.

Jukebox Marketing Collateral - Tote bag with Tone of voice message
Billboard in new york with messaging strategy

Brand Launch Film

It’s no secret that motion and film are more engaging than static content. How to do it effectively and originally in 2021, though? That’s hard. 

Sitting through a boring, 50-page deck presentation about what they have to offer is not the way forward. We can tell powerful brand stories in a hyper-engaging and informative way.

We put the Jukebox story in motion. Leaving them with a tool that does the selling for them. Leaving them to concentrate on building more relationships and landing more clients.

Tour pass with Jukebox Visual Identity
48 sheet mockup with Jukebox visual identit0 showcasing festivals and musicy
internal jukebox collateral with the identity, tshorts, laptop stickers, tour pass and invoice design
jukebox shipping worldwide poster

social content

Using the new messaging, we created a social media strategy built around the event calendar and generated content to showcase and communicate the new and improved Jukebox 2.0. Leaving them with more time to propel their new purpose and drive business forward.

"With branding that truly reflects our ambitions and attitudes, plus our incredibly exciting new offers, Jukebox is well placed to blast the first new festivals and worldwide events of the post-pandemic era into the stratosphere."
Alex Jukes, Founder Jukebox PR
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