We cut through the clutter.

Provoke engagement, and

shift the needle.

We cut through the clutter. Provoke engagement, and shift the needle.


Brand strategy

Strong brands are backed by stronger strategies. Developed with a two-pronged approach for best results, our strategic offering explores branding exercises with the client meshed with market research and competitor analysis to craft a comprehensive manual, translating the key foundational elements that form the backbone of a commercially-viable brand

Brand identity

More than a static visual identity in the form of a logo, type and some colours. Our offer centres around motion, sound, and visual. The identity or branded content is often the first interaction an intended audience will have with a brand. Our offering works collaboratively with the client to meticulously weave the brand narrative into a sensory representation — ensuring relevance and engagement at every touchpoint to produce a distinctive and memorable branding suite.

Packaging Design

In a saturated market where packaging can mean the difference between a purchase and a pass, it's pivotal to ensure brand packaging merges your aesthetic and a targeted CTA to guarantee a product pick-up. From DTC to physical retail, our packaging offering is a comprehensive creative process of understanding brand objectives and consumer purchase behaviour.


How a brand speaks to a consumer is often how the consumer will remember that brand and how it made them feel. Leading brands work cross-platform and explore clever tones of voice that connect with the consumer . We offer strategic copywriting crafted by leading wordsmiths to decode your brand DNA and attract your intended audience — converting one-timers into lifelong loyalists.


A brand is only as good as the content it is producing or portraying. We offer a comprehensive content plan with a clear focus and create content to support your message - getting it out there. Creating content that both connects with your consumer and converts for your brand is a crucial element to brand success.

Web & Digital

We work with a network of hyper-skilled developers to build user-friendly websites deeply rooted in brand story with a dynamic market presence. Our digital solutions grant brands greater reach, visibility, and connection with their consumers. Aesthetically skewed, we strive to optimise for an enjoyable user journey and successful conversion.

Moving Image

It’s no secret that motion is where it’s at: super-engaging with a high ROI. We offer top-tier film and motion, from product and lifestyle photography, to videography services and 3D animated content — across studio-style product shots, social shoots and in-situ lifestyle photography to strategic brand videos, or that next epic 3D product release. Sit back and watch as your consumers fall in love.

Spatial Design

We partner with Interior Designers and Architects on spatial design, extending your brand identity beyond a digital sphere, into a physical space. A bricks and mortar presence is a tangible extension of a brand and acts as an immersive opportunity for your target audience.  From pop-up events and installations to more permanent spaces and developments — we obsess over the details to ensure that every inch is considered with care and integrity and translates your brand DNA.

Our approach

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Listen until we hear

We work out where you want to go and start mapping the journey by asking the right questions. This is how we describe our discovery sessions, the research that comes along with it, and all the associated deliverables.

Be visionary, not reactionary

We immerse, gather, analyse and scoop up the insights that will lead us to a central and compelling brand idea. We dig deep and ask the hard questions in search of an enlightening truth that reveals where the real opportunity is - one that has purpose and can drive our creative and strategic thinking towards positive change. It’s almost never where we think it is.

Re-imagine your world

What does that all important idea look like, sound like, and how does it behave? Tough challenges demand eclectic input and free-spirited exploration. We take the essence of your idea and look at it from every angle to draw out its most original and effective expression. Giving you bold creative, built on good ideas and bags of personality.

Get out there, make it happen

Having a great idea is one thing. But it’s our relentless dedication to craft and production that leads to ideas being executed in ways that provoke visceral reactions and create cultural impact. Using your new creative, we can work on your digital strategy and campaigns. With you through thick and thin, we work with you to grow over time — and learn when to stick, and when to twist.



We are always happy to meet talented people with diverse specialties – strategists, designers, animators, illustrators or creators of any kind – and work with them in our studio. Get in touch, become part of the crew and help us to keep our work beautiful and exceptional. Send your portfolio to: hireme@muuvcreative.com


All you need is skill! We're more impressed with your work and passion for creativity than whatever your degree might be. We usually offer paid internships for a period of 4 months or longer. So, if you are in your last year of study or have recently graduated, we'd love to hear from you. Send an email to hireme@muuvcreative.com