Amongst the chaos of infinite choice, today’s brands need to evolve. Because things have changed. Brands don’t exist to create awareness and buzz — they survive by creating meaning and connection.

It’s no easy feat. To become a lasting and loved brand is to become embedded in people’s lives. We don’t only have to engage consumers at deeper levels, but also ask the question: ‘What feeling will we provide that will keep our customers connected to our product, and loyal to our brand?’

So let’s explore the key to this connection: storytelling. 

Branding is Storytelling 

All branding is storytelling in its purest form. It’s the story you tell and the story you sell. 

Blah blah blah.

Yeah, yeah, I know. We’ve all heard it countless times.

The thing is, it’s not only what you say, but who says it. A joke delivered by Ricky Gervais is very different when delivered by a bloke down the pub — it’s all in the tone of voice. My perception of branding is intrinsically linked to storytelling. I don’t think you can talk about branding without talking about your ‘story’.  To me, a brand is nothing but a story. 

A brand in and of itself can’t make you feel a sense of belonging, intimacy, confidence or peace of mind, but the story the brand tells can make you feel a certain way. Your brand is a representation of who you are and where you stand in the market. It’s the sum of your business as a whole, as told by those who interact with it. 

In my opinion, it’s everything. Your entire company is your brand, from the scent of your foyer to the shoes your staff wear to a meeting. From the timing of your invoices to the fine print on your warranties. It’s your reputation and your reliability. It’s your demeanour and your delivery. It’s everything you stand for, and everything that stands for you. It’s quite literally, everything your business is and does. 

Branding is business and business is branding. 

The Best Brands Build Compelling Stories 

The best brands create stories that resonate with their ideal customers. Stories that are meaningful and memorable. Stories that are persuasive and powerful. Us humans are creatures of emotion, and we crave connection. It’s how we are all inherently wired. 

So, to create a lasting relationship, evoke connection and foster loyalty with your customer, you need to be straight-up, true, and share your story. 

You need correct grammar AND a witty tone of voice.

Unique Stories Create a Unique Connection

How many times have you heard about a brand that’s trying to be ‘authentic, warm, and honest’? No shit… that’s called being human.  We should strive to stay away from these lazy adjectives. It’s time to find something creative that digs a little deeper.

How do we do this? With exceptional copywriting. 

Clever Copy Converts 

The thing is, like me, your customers too, want to read prose as smooth as honey and tasty as treacle. Over the last decade ‘branding’ and all that it encompasses has really come under the spotlight. At first, companies started focusing on the idea of branding by simply refreshing or modernising their logos – cue the millions of makeovers from traditional block Serif to sexy Sans Serif, and a complete exodus of intricate illustrations and literal icons. 

Then, fast forward a few more years and we see this movement morph as companies start taking all visual aspects of their business up a notch – no longer is it okay to have mismatched fonts, crappy stock imagery, and neon gyrating gifs. 

And now, it’s all about that clever copy and distinct tone of voice. 

Straight shooting, heartfelt, emotionally engaging, creative, concise, charming, trust-inducing, share-worthy, SEO-genius copy that converts. 

Right now, I’d say your copy is the difference between a booming business or a business booming. But why is clever copywriting and nailing your tone of voice so important to your business's bottom line?

Because simply put, copy converts.

The right copy aligned with the right brand builds trust with the right target market. And we all know that trust means loyalty, and that loyalty is the bedrock of a thriving business. If you use the right copy to help market your business, it can skyrocket your exposure, clarify your offering, catapult your conversion rate, and put you on the fast train to the business hall of fame.

So what’s your story?

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